HIPET Pet Fur Cleaner Combs Dog Cat Hair Removal Brush Portable Hand Easy Use Sofa carpet Bed Mat Cleaning Tools Pets Supplies in Dog Combs from Home Garden

HIPET Pet Fur Cleaner Combs Dog Cat Hair Removal Brush Portable Hand Easy Use Sofa carpet Bed Mat Cleaning Tools Pets Supplies in Dog Combs from Home Garden
HIPET Pet Fur Cleaner Combs Dog Cat Hair Removal Brush Portable Hand Easy Use Sofa carpet Bed Mat Cleaning Tools Pets Supplies in Dog Combs from Home Garden
HIPET Pet Fur Cleaner Combs Dog Cat Hair Removal Brush Portable Hand Easy Use Sofa carpet Bed Mat Cleaning Tools Pets Supplies in Dog Combs from Home Garden
HIPET Pet Fur Cleaner Combs Dog Cat Hair Removal Brush Portable Hand Easy Use Sofa carpet Bed Mat Cleaning Tools Pets Supplies in Dog Combs from Home Garden
HIPET Pet Fur Cleaner Combs Dog Cat Hair Removal Brush Portable Hand Easy Use Sofa carpet Bed Mat Cleaning Tools Pets Supplies in Dog Combs from Home Garden
HIPET Pet Fur Cleaner Combs Dog Cat Hair Removal Brush Portable Hand Easy Use Sofa carpet Bed Mat Cleaning Tools Pets Supplies in Dog Combs from Home Garden

Product Specification

Brand Name: PETKITTY

Model Number: PK-195

Type: Dogs

Material: EVA

Features1: Daily Use/Easy to Clean,Soft

Features2: Easy to Clean,Soft

Type: Sweep Away Brush

Suitable For: Dog,Cat


Pet Hair Cleaner Combs Dog Cat Brush Hair Portable Handy Remover Beds Mats Cleaning Tool Easy Use Clean for Drop Shipping


Product:Pet Fur Cleaner Model Number:PK-195 Suitable For:Bed,Sofa,Carpet Season:All Seasons Size:9.7x9.7x2cm


100% brand new and high quality. Rub lightly the things you want to clean while throwing it at you. It is important to rub lightly while floating the adhesion surface in the direction of progress. Sometimes it is difficult to remove short and thick hair such as Dalmatian and pugs. Materials that can be cleaned:Carpets, car seat, Lugs, rugs, blankets, pet beds, cloth sofas and so on Please do not use it to clean clothes because it can hurt them.

Package Included

1xFur Cleaner


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